The Business Lesson You Can Learn From My Diet!

I recently started a wheat free diet and for anyone that knows me I’m not the dieting type.

I had watched a show on Netflix¬†titled What’s with Wheat, I love show’s on food and tend to watch all of them but this one struck me differently and I thought to myself maybe I could benefit from going on a 30 day diet without my beloved wheat.

Now, I didn’t know I felt bad at the time, I just thought it would help a few minor issues I had and hell it can’t hurt to omit as many chemicals from my diet as possible, even if this meant not eating my key staples: bagels, bread and pizza!

I lasted three weeks before I even had the thought of, “I could go for a pizza right now.”

I eventually finished my diet and tried to start eating healthier wheat options, not the highly processed and prepackaged wheat. To my dismay my body did not like the reintroduction!

For years I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, well besides the whole foods that I’m allergic too, but I always promoted myself as having a stomach of steel. Those days are gone and I’m learning to live with this new issue.

Now, I’m not just sharing this story with you so you know I can’t eat wheat or to feel bad about me and my stomach woe’s. I’m telling this story because it relates to business.

Yes, you heard that right…my diet can be turned into a business lesson.

I was coasting through life thinking I felt fine, doing the same thing every day because it always worked before and never questioning it. This is what most of us do with our businesses.

We create a business, we work tirelessly to create the business of our dreams and once everything is set up we coast through. We don’t make changes and assume everything is going to work just as smoothly during the first month as it will in year three.

I know the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” but as an entrepreneur or business owner we need to constantly be thinking outside of the box. We need to constantly evaluate our business, our clients and how we’re getting our message out to them.

Trends change fast and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the technology industry or health and beauty, times change, trends change and people’s needs change.

Step outside of the box. Look at your business as if you’re the client or target audience. Grab an unbiased friend to look at your business and give you their input or even hire a third party.

Everything from your service/products, marketing material, your website, social platforms and possibly even your logo may need updated or changed.

Staying ahead of the competition means always striving to provide the best service and products to fill your audience’s needs. You don’t want to give your existing or potential clients a reason to find your competitor!

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