Boy Scouts & Snowy Days

The weekend temps finally rose to a balmy 30 degrees this weekend! I saw it as a little birthday present. However, we also ended up receiving about 6” of snow over the weekend, seems like a give and take this winter.

Even with the 6” of snow we had a wonderful weekend, my oldest crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. We had a nice dinner with the Scouts with wonderful food and fellowship. The ceremony was quite lovely and I found myself thinking back to our first year at the Blue & Gold banquet when I had a little Tiger Cub thinking that one day we would be a Webelo II crossing over and just couldn’t believe that day had finally arrived.

We had our first Boy Scout meeting (I guess my last Boy Scout meeting since parents don’t really stay at this point) but I sat there in amazement at how well run they were. Everyone knew their part and conducted a meeting in a normal, adult fashion and these were 11-16 year old boys. I couldn’t help but wish I was a scout again as I sat there listening to what the year was going to entail, what merit badges they could earn in the coming months and even summer camp! I wish my Girl Scout troop had been this active in things, I’ll just have to live vicariously through my son 😀

Sunday we even had the opportunity to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. Temps were still in the 30’s and we knew they’d be dropping again so we had to enjoy the moment. We took our boys sled riding on a little hill near our house. Hoping to get our youngest used to it, it’s a work in progress. I actually think he had fun sledding this year but once his hands get cold and wet things are over and after the second or third pass down the hill he was done and only wanted mommy to hold him. He’ll do the same thing when we’re playing in the yard. He could be having a blast in the snow but the moment his hands get cold all games are off. I need to find some water resistant toddler gloves for that boy!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend and if you’re up North like I am I hope you enjoyed the ever so slightly warmer temperatures we were experiencing. Here’s hoping that spring is around the corner!

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