A Baby Is On The Way!

January has been a month of excitement for us! Seems like a lot of big posts lately but we must round out the month with one more bit of exciting news…we’ll be adding yet another member to our family this August and couldn’t be more excited!


Although we’re still torn on finding out the sex of our third child, there seem to be a few votes in the house that there will be a baby sister on the horizon, we’ll see if they’re greeted with excitement or not in a few months. Lots of planning will be in order, for the baby and for my shop, but I’m sure everyone and everything will adapt wonderfully.

A lot of changes are going to be coming our way this year and we’re ready to tackle them all. Being prepared and having a set plan in place I believe is going to be the most important part to keeping us on track. With a lot of determination things are sure to run as smoothly as possible and we’ll be ready to enter 2016 with the same momentum as 2015!

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