Amazing Coworkers & Friends

It’s so bittersweet, ending one chapter and starting a new one. Today my coworkers took me out to a farewell lunch at the local pizza shop. After seven years with these people there are definitely a few awesome people here that I will miss seeing day in and day out and so sweet of everyone to take me out. It’s also a little surreal to think that I won’t have to worry about answering the phones all day long and advisors trying to track me down and leaving 5 messages for me, but at the same time that excites me!

I started emptying out my desk this week, shredding decade old documents that no longer pertain to anything. Right now I still feel like I’m about to go on vacation, maybe even maternity leave 🙂 I think when my pictures come down and my desk is truly empty it may hit me. It’s time to turn that page and look forward to the many new opportunities that are out there for me and for my family.

With all of that said I’ve been thinking long and hard about my side business and I believe design will be my way of life for a little bit with illustration and knitting on the side. My Etsy shop will see a few new changes so keep checking back and I’m still working on my new fall line. If you’re not already liking my Facebook page please go like it, follow me on twitter and be sure to stop by my Etsy shop! Spread the word to all of your friends and family, I appreciate everything that each and everyone of you have done to help me grow over the years. You’re the reason I’m finally able to follow my dreams so thank you!!

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