Almost Ready To Launch

Now I planned to be announcing the launch of my new site this week however, we seem to have run into a little SNAFU! Things never seem to go as planned. Making a few other adjustments now and will hopefully launch this weekend if not early next week. Although it won’t be exactly how I had planned it originally it’s still going to have my main exciting new ventures for 2015!

Just to give you guys and gals an idea of what’s to come in the months ahead you’ll hopefully be seeing a more streamlined business. The main focus of my shop this year is to become more green and offering more natural fibers, natural papers and inks and just helping to leave a smaller footprint on this Earth.


First I’m launching a new line under the name pekoPRINTS and am super excited about this one! We’re going to be offering eco-friendly (recycled and biodegradable) greeting cards, wedding invitations and announcements in the shop! I’ve been trying to build up my shop but only have a dozen or two cards on there now, this will be continually growing and as always I accept custom orders and would love to work with clients on their ideas and designs.

The second main change you’re going to see is that I’m changing the name of my shop (hopefully for the last time!) to Melissa Nagy Designs and that will be the umbrella company. I’ll still have the website (at least for a little while) but will be adding momentarily, everything will be redirected to this new site so if you have the old one bookmarked get ready to change it. Under my new umbrella company I’ll be offering branding, illustrations, murals and knits & crochet will still be a side business of mine. You’ll begin to see a shift of focus to my pekoPrints and branding and the knitted work that I do will become all natural fiber items within my website shop. If you’re interested in my other knitted products you’ll still be able to go to my Etsy shop and peruse there. I do still have a crate full of acrylic blend yarns at home so you will still be seeing new items popping up in my Etsy shop, you just won’t see those items on my website.

Eeek, well I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new year! So many changes and I can’t wait to continue this momentum. Thanks again for an amazing 2014, without you I couldn’t be doing what I love!!

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