5 Tips to Writing A Great Blog Post

As blogging becomes increasingly popular it also becomes harder to be heard. Writing a great blog will increase your visibility through SEO and inadvertently grow your audience. By doing these two things you will increase your odds of a successful business.
Here are my tips on writing a great blog that will keep people coming back, as well as, sharing and linking back to your blog which of course is your goal. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!
Find Your Voice
Think about your audience. Who is reading your blog? What type of business are you running? Some blogs can be more laid back and personal while others tend to be more informative and structured. You need to understand who you are writing to in order to attract them. Once you understand who your target audience is then you will be able to find your voice and write consistently in that manner. Consistency is key to having a loyal following because they will know what to expect from you and enjoy reading what you’re writing.
Think Like the Reader
Why is the reader coming to you and what are they looking for? Is this something you would want to read? If it’s not, how can you make it interesting? What would make you come back looking for more? Simply throwing keywords in your blog doesn’t mean Google will send readers your way anymore. You must write something informative that gets a little traction. Once you start building that following Google will recognize you as a blogger and will send traffic your way. Understand your audience and make sure you’re writing something other people will want to read.
Create Links
Linking is an important part of building your blog. It’s always a good idea to include an internal link here and there, loop your clients back around to another article or service page. Even more important than internal links are external links. External links bring readers to a third party’s site, these are good to use when you’re endorsing someone or quoting an article. Google really likes external links, it shows that you’re not just tooting your own horn. This shows that you’re referring people off of your site and building a network. It’s even better if you can be that third party and have other people linking to you. Having multiple links pointing to one of your pages also shows Google that you’re a good resource.
Don’t Just Sell Yourself
Yes, you want followers. You want readers. You want that loyal following. But you won’t get any of that by shoving yourself down their throats. You need to become an expert in your field, be relatable and people will begin to trust you. There’s a rule of 80/20, 80% of the time write about something informative or interesting to your audience. You want people relying on you for good information. This is how you get them to come back and refer you to other people. 20% of the time you can promote yourself or your services. If someone trusts you and likes what you have to say they will keep coming back. Your audience isn’t stupid, don’t treat them like they are. They’ll appreciate it!
Do you post often or do you post just once in a while and post well? I’ve seen a lot of different theories here and my personal preference is to post once a month but make it worth it. If you’re posting an article that is worth reading you will get more hits and better followers who actually want to read what you’re putting out there. The longevity of your one good post will also be greater than a one hit wonder. You’re busy and so is your audience, make it worth your time and the readers time by giving them something insightful to read.
I’ve written quite a few blogs for myself and for others and these are some of the things that I have learned along the way. I hope this helps, if you have other tips to share please do so below!

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