Creating Engaging Content for Social Media

If you’re just starting out in the social media world you’re probably checking your social accounts on a daily (hourly) basis trying to see how many new followers you have. Let me tell you right now that number isn’t as important as you think.

Yes, you want a good following but take a look at your engagement.

Engagement numbers mean so much more than the actual number of followers you have. This is why buying your followers from any one of those daily messages and emails you get and shelling out money for fake followers doesn’t really work.

Sure they might help you gain followers but if those followers aren’t engaging they’re not helping your content rise to the top of others walls. They’re not going to turn into buying customers and won’t be helping to share your content with their friends or family. The network just won’t be there and they become just a number.

Work on engaging with your followers. Create engaging content which does the following:

– Compels your followers to actually read your post entirely
– Excites your followers enough to make them share your content
– Drives people to comment on

– Gets viewers to tag their friends and followers, thus growing your following

Make sure you use your hashtags and make them appropriate to your post. Anywhere from 10 to 30 hashtags can be used on Instagram and I highly recommend using them.

Same goes for tagging others to your posts, don’t tag people just to get more views not everyone appreciates that. You don’t want to upset your target market think about building lasting relationships through intentional and genuine engagement.

Think about the people you follow and why you follow them. Is their content engaging and pulls you in? Use similar tactics to build your following and feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments and help them build an even stronger network!

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